Who doesn’t like dolphins? People travel across the world to swim with them, to see them, and to play with them. They’re so curious and inquisitive, and very playful. What’s not to like about a dolphin?

Well, there’s the encantado…

Amazon river dolphins are kind of creepy anyway. As they get older they become more pink, which is due to the skin becoming more translucent with age. ‘Yayy! Cute!’ You may be thinking, but it’s actually a little uncomfortable. They start to look like sea dwelling humans - and this is where the encantado comes in.

When night falls, the pink dolphins sometimes come to the shore and shape-shift into smartly dressed human beings. In most stories they form as men which walk across the countryside listening for the sound of beating drums. The encantado love to dance - much like the Deer Woman in a previous post - and they seek out the nearest festival to dance, but also to sleep with women.

Much like in animal form, the shape-shifted dolphin is a real sexy character. He’s often very attractive, communicative and playful. He looks and acts just like any other man, although he’s strangely defensive about his hat. Removing it would expose the one piece of him he cannot alter; his blowhole.

The encantado woos a woman and sleeps with them, but makes sure to return to the water the following morning before he turns back into a dolphin. The poor women wake up the following morning to find their handsome suitor gone, and not long later they realise they are also pregnant. Impregnated by a marine mammal - is there anything worse?

The encantados are part of a wider group of mythological creature, who live in various utopias in which they are immortal, very wealthy, and free from the pains of human life. However, these creatures occasionally ‘invade’ the human world to have a little fun - sleep with some women, cause a bit of chaos…

The encantos specifically have a number of different powers and abilities. They are talented musicians for one, but did you ever know a musician who could manipulate the weather? How about summon illnesses, cause insanity, or even inflict sudden death on a person? The entanto can. They’ve also been known to kidnap their lovers and illegitimate children and take them back to their underwater civilisation, called Encante. Those who are kidnapped are never seen again.

Still want to swim with dolphins?