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GoneGod World: Excerpt 

"Cross my heart," the succubus said, crossing something far too low to be a heart. "Now if you don't mind, I really must say goodnight,unless of course you want to join ..." She pushed the door open, revealing bodies which would have required an autopsy to figure out where one body stopped and another began. 

"Thanks," I said, summoning all the willpower I had, "but lust isn't what I need right now." 

Astarte glared at me before opening the door wide, revealing the full glory of the orgy inside. "Why not?" the succubus said in a harsh tone. "You say it like there is something wrong with Lust. What would you prefer? Love?" She laughed at the word. "I could never be so cruel. Love is not the doe-eyed virgin you believe her to be. Love is always hungry. Love is always wanting. Love is not rational. Love does not compromise. And Love is not happy simply possessing you. She wants to own you. Control you. Be you. The first murder was because of Love. And I promise you that the last of your kind will die for her. 

"Love is the single-minded hunter who consumes its prey,sucking it of all its worth, and then seeks another. Love is only happy when you are on your knees, begging her to stay. And Love will walk away, leaving you to your self-pity just to feel your 'need.'

"Love is addiction, leaving you always wanting more.

"Love is a disease for which there is no cure. 

"But Lust ... Lust is the tender paramour that wants nothing more of you than what you are now. Lust does not seek some idealized fictional version of yourself, nor does she try to mold you into that false creation. 

"Lust is present, Lust is attentive and Lust is now. 

"And when now is over, Lust moves on, harming you no more than a pleasant memory harms a child. 

"But most importantly," Astarte said, pulling out an envelope of money from only the GoneGods knew where, "Lust pays your bills.

"Now tell me, Human Jean, what's so wrong about Lust?"

"Well," I said, feeling myself blush, "when you put it that way ..."